Every time I go back “home”

It feels the same

Constantly changing

Constantly staying the same

For so long I hated it

For so long I ran away

Memories are dangerous for me

It took me years

Not to cringe

When I thought about “home”

But as I wandered my old stomping grounds

I laughed at the tragic times

And realized that I could not complain

Because those tears made me who I am

And the sights

Brought back memories

That made my heart suffer

With nostalgia


Train tracks

Playground swings

And a feeling that being an outcast

Was a beautiful thing

I saw this place with jaded eyes

In my youth

Unaccepting of myself

But now I see it as the place

Where I found myself

Something so easy to forget

And with each smile

With each friend

I realized that it was not an evil place

Catastrophe happens every where

But the people who really know you

Dull the sting

And when I think of them

I know they saved me from myself

You beautiful freaks

You let me call it home


Somewhere I never thought existed

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