Asphalt Angel

It is late at night

But I can’t help but type

Because these words won’t leave my mind

Asphalt angel

How beautiful



The confusion

The Fear

The feeling as if you are being torn apart


Teenage years

The struggle to find some kind

Of identity

These things are harder for us than for some



And tears that fall no matter how much you fight them

Some of us don’t have it easy

Can I tell you a secret, kid?

It gets better

I know you don’t believe me now

But I fought and fought and fought

Till I fell down exhausted

But in the end I won

I became an asphalt angel

With wings of stone

And more strength than I thought I would ever have

I flew

Even when I was told I would fall

Never listen to the ones who say you can’t

And one day you will see how glorious you are

Make your own rules

And realize that the real you is wonderful

Flaws and all

Your past is nothing

Your future is everything

So stretch those wings

And soar

Asphalt Angel


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