Scarlet Shame

I was young

Too young

The first time

That a scarlet letter

Was branded on my psyche

The first was a C for crazy

The second a U for uncontrollable

An O for outcast

It was not long before

They became badges of honor

Time went on and soon

I had a new letter

B for bipolar

The letters now burned

Upon my flesh

Were vivid for all to see

But quickly I saw

That those who

Who has placed them upon me

Wore their own letters

An F for fear

An I for ignorance

In one way or another

We all wear the symbols

Of fear and shame

Upon our bodies and souls

But the letter I wear most proudly

I placed upon my self

A D for different

My body is an alphabet

An attempt to destroy my dignity

Which backfired

When I not only accepted

These letters

But used them to prove people wrong

I have been hated for these marks

I have been feared

But to me they are poetry

A series of letters

That make up a masterpiece

And I delight in this

Strange form of oppression

Because it gives me the chance to prove

That I am more than silly letters

Red letters

That warn danger

That encourage shame

Tattoo me with these things

Attempt in your close minded world

To believe that I am less than human

Because every garish mark

Is another chance so see myself as beautiful

P for poor

U for unwanted

F for freak

But blazoned upon my chest

Larger than any other

Is an H for human

One comment on “Scarlet Shame

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    Kira, I really like this. It’s wonderful. Gwen

    Liked by 1 person

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