My childhood was filled with word

And actions

That said one thing

You are worthless

In my wayward youth

I believed this

Causing a spiral of low self esteem

Where I believed that I was not worthy

It was not long before my rebellious nature

Took over

It had always existed

But it came bursting forth

When I realized that any attempt to fit in

Was poisoning me soul

A glorious thing happened

When I realized that being unique

Was freeing

When I realized that we are all

A little stranger than any of us

Liked to admit

Human beings are never meant to be one thing

We are not automatons

Marching in line

Slaves to society

Worshipping the all mighty gods




We are more than consumers

More than statistics

We judge

And we are judged

And I am guilty of

Indulging those things as well

I long for a rebellion or a revolution

Where we realize that

The human constructs hold us back

From the humanity

That is part of us all

I long to stray from the sanitized social media

And it’s darker side

Where people throw tantrums

Of rage

Where their first reaction must be right

And they will fight to the death to defend it

Instead of opening their minds

To the possibilities

I will never fit in

I am a weirdo

I am a freak

And it fills me with pride

It makes me feel beautiful

As long as there is culture

There is counter culture

As long as there is main stream

I will not swim in its waters

For I fear I will drown

It seems as if everyone has to choose a side

And I refuse

I will fight for what I believe in

Regardless of the consequences

And above all

I will be myself

And never listen to

What I am told I should be


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