Symphony of Silence

On most days I am a cacophony

Unlovely sounds that are almost a melody

Intrude upon my thoughts and spill from my mouth

I speak

As if I am communicating

I speak with conviction

It is false

Most of the time

But it is there

I have left people in awe with my words

And occasionally I have taken to shouting

Are you even listening?

At you

When I drown in frustration

In moments when my voice feels too quiet

There is a certain desperation

In my need to be heard

You sit

As still as a breezeless summer night

Quieter than a frozen winter landscape

With no obvious reaction

But there is a symphony in your silence

There is music in your sideways glance

The constant drum beat of ears that have done more than listen

They have heard

The rhythmic bass like pulse

Of your heart

It is steady where mine races

It is steady when mine lies too scared to move

The crazy violin song

That makes me dance

Is in your eyes

The woodwinds that soothe me to sleep

Are in your touch

And with each breath I can hear

The sounds of a thousand instruments

That play

As this background music to my manic speech

And keep me grounded

When my head has gone beyond the clouds

Alone we are beautiful


We are a masterpiece

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