That Secret Place

I sit on my porch long before the dawn

And gaze upon the night sky

I do not look to the stars

Nor the glowing moon

I see beyond

This is my in between time

Where I find my secret place

In the shadows I allow myself to dream

My eyes are open to the world

But they see universes yet to be imagined

This time is the eternity

I am still

And yet I am more alive

Than any movement could make me

And we are meant to live

Some are meant to climb mountains

Some are destined for the mundane

But I live to slay nightmare visions

I live to taste words on my tongue

I live to feel sensations

Only thought of in fantasy

In these moments halfway between

The glorious quiet of night

And the dawn that comes too quickly

For these eyes

My heart beats in a steady rhythm

Of abstraction and reverie

I am meant to dream

And without we who find that secret place

What would this world be?

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