Skeleton Key

All her life she wanted wings

Angels wings that would finally let her fly

From the time she was a child

She was obsessed with keys

Those made of metaphor

And those crafted of metal

She could not stand a locked door

Sometimes she could open them with words

Sometimes with force

All these things were keys

And she collected them carefully

These things were symbols of power

And when she felt powerless

She would hold her keys

And feel their potential

Like a beating heart

Life had given her just one wing

With which to fly

She searches for the catalyst

That would allow her to find

Its twin

And soar

With no desire to descend

The scars carved on her flesh

Speak of a time

Before she ever realized

That freedom was a possibility

Before she realized that

There was a way to escape

At that time she had only just

Found the place

Where she could run

Where she could hide

Where no one could touch her

She wrote the words

And she knew that she had found

The true lack of inhibition


And impulse

To let her be who she truly was

She used to write the tragedy

The low self esteem

The enigmatic suicidal words

That she hid behind

Because it was easier than believing

That someday she could fly

Now she writes in whispers and howls

She shouts at the sky

Demanding a challenge

And when that doubt falls upon her

She touches her keys

And knows that there is way to find

Opportunity and her chance

To take flight

2 comments on “Skeleton Key

  1. Cindy Catron says:

    As usual, this goes right to the heart, the places where we all share in one form or another. You manage to express things so that we see YOU and then reflect and see ourselves. I hope I’m still around whem you are Poet Laureate at a presidential inauguration…if not physically, I’ll hover as a specter..

    Liked by 1 person

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