What if you were given the chance to have the answer?

Any answer

Would you take it?

What if you didn’t like it?

What if it wasn’t what you thought?

And you were faced with undeniable proof

That you were wrong

We build these straw men

Then we research


That agrees with what we think

Or destroys what goes against it

We don’t want answers

We want to be right

And even more than that desire

We want to do battle

We want others to be wrong

And to be punished for being so

Why are we so scared to take a chance

And say “I don’t know”

Why is the unknown more terrifying

Than dying

For a belief

A belief

An idea

A concept

We grasps at straws

Because with nothing to hold onto

We would drift away

Like milkweed in the wind

All we have is what we hold dear

Real or not

Proven or not


Take a risk



And just for a moment

Imagine a world where we could all believe

Without the war that it wages between us

And that being wrong

Does not bring about inevitable destruction

If reality is perspective

Then anger is elective

And we have a choice

To see through a million eyes

To live in a million realms

And in each one

What is right

Is a question

Do you want the answer?


2 comments on “?

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    The last 13 lines say it all and the last one is the clincher. Do we want the answer? Unfortunately, only if it’s the right one that fits our pre-conceived notions! You’ve pointed this out most effectively. Actually, you do that with most of your poems…your questions and poems make a platform for the readers to stand on while they think.

    Liked by 1 person

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