Hero Worhsip

Life is often so ugly

So cruel

We tread sadly

With heavy footsteps

Hoping that


We will see a light

In the distance

With broken hearts

Barely beating

And eyes searching

We hope

We look for grace

We look for a savior

Sometimes one comes

A white night

On a powerful steed

But are we truly saved?

Being carried

Away to a gilded cage

Where we must play the victim

So the hero may triumph

Real heroism comes from


It comes in a whisper

A moment when you realize that

You can take the next step

Not carried like a child

But putting one foot in front of the other

That is the triumph

That makes you the hero

Place your faith not in the savior

But in your own heart

Scarred but still beating

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  1. Gwen Burson says:



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