Screaming inside my mind


From somewhere outside my eyes

And I can no longer deny

I desire silence


Dare I wish for this?

Not knowing what it is?

Not knowing what I will find

If the sound is what defines

My senses and who I am

Or is it the destroyer

Of all my grand plans?

I require some hush

At least muffle the noise

Give me peace for a moment

Let me make a choice

Without all these whispers


Out of my range of hearing

And yet still there

I would cry out

If I thought it could make the world mute

I would shout in argument

If I thought I could win this dispute

But somehow

This white noise is louder than I

My screams drown

My howls die

All for nothing

Futile in every attempt

I hunger for silence

 I starve in contempt

Because what I am really asking

Is not to think

If I could do that

I would cease to breathe

Who am I to beg?

Who am I to cry?

Is it worth living

An unexamined life?

There are days

When I would say

Of course it is

But others when

I would take this pen

And refuse to let the silence live

Perhaps what I need

Is a little intermittent

Somewhere between

The static and the taciturn

A little room

To let this calm be heard

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