I’m a bad liar, because I remember the day that I said I didn’t need you.

I can tell the truth because when you said you didn’t love me, I had the courage to say that I didn’t believe you.

There has been darkness and secrets, promises broken and tell-tale lies.

Hopelessness, helplessness and endless illusions we had been taught all our lives.

How I hated you at first how arrogant you were,

Who knew that another lesson we would learn was how to endure.

How silly you must have thought I was,

Endless talking and intensity, passion is as passion does.

Two sides of a coin, no one was more amazed than us to find.

Both far too practiced at deception but finally seen through dual jaded eyes.

We never believed in love but we ended up believing in ours.

With the sleet falling, and ice coating the windows of the car.

So much more than most we have been lost.

So much more to us was the guilt and the cost.

But when I was lost you came for me.

When I had nothing, you became my everything.

And when you were lost I came for you.

I fought so hard, the only thing I knew to do.

I cannot promise we will never be lost again.

I cannot promise no darkness I cannot promise no sin.

But I know this, when you are lost I will come for you.

So offer me this promise, you will always come for me too.

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