I’m a tangled mess of rage and hate and pain

With a heart that cares and cares and cares

Until I rip it from my chest and it remains beating in my hands

People say I am too intense

People say I am exhausting

My whole life I have been told there is something wrong with me

Even by those with the best intentions

And those so small they go without mention

What do you think that does to a person?

When even those who claim love and friendship

See you as an anomaly

Or is that just the mirror?

Myself looking at me?

Knowing that I don’t fit in

Sick of trying

But it’s these secrets I keep that make me feel like I’m dying

And the only breath I can take is when I am rhyming

It’s a breath I take it so that I can finally scream

Not to be heard, no this scream is for me

A scream to say I am tired and sick

A scream to say that I don’t want this

I am done with being the common denominator of betrayal

Is it my own choices that lead me down this path to hell?

Or is it fate or destiny or those other things in which I don’t believe

I don’t care anymore I only desire reprieve

Solace and rest that I thought that I would get

But here I am alone and screaming

I wish I was dreaming

So let your freak flag fly high

And scream if you’re with me

Especially if you know that no one is listeningCera (2) adjusted


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