A Very Important Date

A Very Important Date

Well the date is finally set

Are you terrified yet?

It only took us ten yearsFeatured Image -- 200

To get here

We have been down together for so long

I forgot your name

I think it’s “Hon.”

We are complicated

But this has been pretty easy

As I put up with you

And amazingly, you put up with me

So let’s have commitment issues together

We will be


And make this forever

In reality

We always knew it was going to be

I really just want a pretty dress

So thanks for humoring me

We are not the type who need paper or proof

To know that we are where we should be

This is a celebration

Not a contract binding legally

Let’s tie the knot

Let’s jump the broom

I’ll be the bride

If you’ll be the groom

Or we could switch if you want to


As long as I get to be with you

I will save the romance for the vows

As well as the public display of affection

But I will say thank you now

For going with me in this direction

I am so happy

To give this the old college try

I know you will see this through

If I am by your side


4 comments on “A Very Important Date

  1. Eleanor Dix says:

    Congratulations!! I too am getting married soon ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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