What I wanted

What I wanted

Have you ever had a dream break your heart?

You were smiling when you were sleeping

Even though you knew

That was not the dream you should be dreaming

That dream should have been a nightmare

But lucidly you stayed there

Just so you could feel

Because it had been so long

It was just an ideal

Nothing that could ever be real

But the feeling though fleeting

Made you alive

When you awoke

You realized

The real world

Was a lie

And your attitude

On verisimilitude

Took a turn for the worst

Because while asleep

You thought your heart would burst

But awake it barely wants to beat

The biggest lie I ever told myself is

That this is not what I need


Because I thought I couldn’t have it

But now I crave it

Like Rapunzel

No happy ending

2 comments on “What I wanted

  1. Cindy Catron! says:

    I love this one…I imagine we all have had dreams like this where we don’t really want to wake up and when we do we feel empty.

    Liked by 1 person

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