A poem entitled Night life


I love the night

That dangerous time

When thoughts creep through my mind

I revel in the dark so I do not sleep

Oh slumber you elusive beast

You come and go as you please

But I would rather be awake to dream

Nightmares are so much more interesting

With your eyes open and glistening

Close to crying

From the images your mind creates

Terror the mind can barely tolerate

The moments past midnight

When every sound is whispering

Every thought is fantasy

And there is no such thing as reality

The silence that allows

Your imagination to speak

The place where

Ecstasy and anguish meet

The victory and the defeat

The impossible possibility

Anything can happen once twilight falls

And the lunatics listen as the silver moon calls

It is the beauty of the lurking unknown

Lick your lips and feel a first kiss

Even when you are alone

By the time the terrible dawn does rise

You can lie one thousand lives

If only you know how to live in the night

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