The population seems

To only have the capacity

To see two colors

Black and white

Good and evil

Right and wrong

This tunnel vision is necessary

Because those of us who know grey

Know that the world is a terrifying

Confusing ball of chaos

We are forced like slaves in hell

To make this world make sense

We buy insurance

We take vitamins

And we pretend we are safe

We monitor criminals

We pass judgment

And we lock undesirables away

We pretend that we are safe

We rely on religion

For a crutch or faith

Regardless it is our comfort

Our hope that all of this

Is not meaningless

We pretend we are immortal

We rely on science

We rely on results

But science is merely faith as well

Gravity is only a theory

And every minute we discover

How wrong we used to be

But be it health food, sweet angels, or test tubes

We all need a little light

But my light is grey

A chaos theory that comforts me

Knowing that nothing makes sense comforts me

One man’s terror is another’s serenity

What it comes down to is that

Light and dark are a matter of opinion

And it is your choice which you revel in

Unless you choose the grey

But be prepared for the world to spin

Out of control

Because seeing the grey is seeing the madness

There are only few that can handle it

But the universe would fall into disarray

If most did not choose between black and white

So what if you’re wrong?

What is you’re right?

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