I’ve Got Your Back

Iconoclastgrey Word Artist

At the tender age of seven I started to write about the pain

The words flowed from my pen and onto the page

And in that moment, that single moment I realized who I was

And who I was to become

Words got thrown around like “genius” and “prodigy”

But they never mattered much to me

The words I remember the most are loser and freak

I wear them proudly

Who wants to blend in and conform with this broken society?

So my rebellion grew more and more

I’m a nightmare with a metaphor

Because too many kids are terrified of what they feel

Too many monsters turned out to be real

And my past is a specter that drains my life

Always waiting for the moment to twist the knife

But for once this isn’t about me

This is about every kid who feels more than ready

To tie…

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