Pocket Boys

Geek Love!

Iconoclastgrey Word Artist

Pocket Boys

If you’re barely looking at me

Through long hair and glasses

With thick eyelashes

And can’t make eye contact

That’s a good start

Do you play D&D?

Which class?

A thief?

Because I think you just stole my heart

Boys in hoodies and trench jackets

D 20s and Magic cards

I want to be where they are

When I say engage! You say aye sir!

Cause Wil Wheaton put the “crush” in Wesley Crusher

Have you got no social skills

But a wit that kills

You don’t even know what swagger means

That’s fine by me

Did you play in band?

In the drama club too?

Hi, I’m your soul mate

Nice to meet you

Playstation, Xbox

You can even rock the Wii

Looking for your Princess Zelda?

You’re looking for me

Do you want to debate

Who would win in a fight

Spider-man or The Dark Knight

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2 comments on “Pocket Boys

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    One of your best, Kira! And that’s hard to say since every poem you create is a gem!

    Liked by 1 person

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