A poem entitled The Irony Of Lucky

The Irony Of Lucky

No one said that life was easy

No one said that life was fair

But those words are lacking in description

For the torture and despair

That he found

When he realized

That there had never been love in her eyes

It was all a fantasy

A wish never to come true

Now he only wishes that he knew

That this would be a hard road to travel

Chasing the headlights on another night

Making that drive

And thinking of how easy it would be

To hit the gas a little too hard

Just to set himself free

Maybe he would be better as a memory

But he has too much to live for

Little angels

One two three four

So he fights this disease

Of body, mind, and circumstance

It’s a dangerous dance

When death is leading

And madness is the music playing

And the fact

That she is watching the suffering

Goes without saying

Is she sadistic or just sick

Does it matter?

Take your pick

She gave him the greatest gift

The undeniable love for a child

But then to manipulate and deprive

And leave him begging god

While he cries

And wants to live but feels like he will die

He is one

When he should be many

If only he could forget it would be ecstasy

But their names he whispers in his dreams

The desire never fades

He longs to be a father and a playmate

The burning need never abates

And he can’t forget what has been taken away

So sing a lullaby

On those lonely nights

An intoxicating song

That blots out the ache

The poets lied

When they said that love is all it takes

The truth is that love complicates

Love can be a weapon cataclysmic

But children grow

And realize what love isn’t

And they know that despite the obstacles

Despite the peril

Despite the detours

He traveled that road for them


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