A poem entitled Wonderland




I knew better than to fall down that rabbit hole

I knew better than to follow

A rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch

But impulse took over and logic was lost

I tumbled down

And slowly I fell

Like an acid trip in hell

Where the clocks don’t tell time

But they know soliloquies and rhyme

And the only game the playing cards know

Is Russian roulette

But the guns are loaded

With nonsense bullets

They shoot you in the head

With word play and a pun

They laugh like jesters

And you wish death would come

You find yourself in a garden the roses painted red

A game of croquet begins

And once again

You almost lost your head

The queens are insane

Forcing the game

As the king stand idly by

Agreeing with every whim

“Off with his head!”

He will make sure it is anyone but him

Is it simply a con?

A trial where the one who is guilty

Is the one who dared to not claim fealty

So you taste a mushroom

And change size

You can hide or destroy

Depending on which side

You try

In hindsight

Maybe you should not have taken

The drug dealing caterpillars advice

And the chesire cat grins

Because no matter who loses

He always seems to win

If the ax falls

Much to your dread

Can you stand on your head?

But never mind that

Have another cup of tea

The Hatter has been poisoned

And the dormouse has narcolepsy

The flowers speak


But if plucked from the soil

They grow silent and die

Never to be saved

And then they reside

In a shallow grave

Although I rarely ever take it

I give myself very good advice

Perhaps I should have listened about this nonsense

Perhaps I should not have indulged this vice

A slippery slope is Wonderland

Until leaving give you pause

And the crocodile welcomes little fishes in

With gently smiling jaws

And if you dare to break free

If you can find a way to

The sad fate that awaits

Is through the looking glass for youwonderland

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