A poem entitled There is Suffering in Silence

There is Suffering in Silence


There is suffering in silence.

There is agony in the unspoken.

Lips remain still with good intention

But it is far too easy to fall unaware

So simple to slip away

To a place

Where return is no longer an option.


There is suffering in silence

And it haunts me like a ghostly confidant

Always promising to keep my secrets

So enticing in its escape

It stills me so gently

Until I am oblivious to my own shattering

The pain becoming just another secondary emotion

To my obvious apathy


There is suffering in silence

My mind like a steel trap

Shining claws that snap down

On my screams before they can find

A well-deserved freedom

The truth is smothered like an unwanted flame

Leaving me in the conflicting shadows


There is suffering in silence

As unwilling a subject as I am

It still reigns over me

There is a feeling as if I was chosen

But this sentiment is lost to me

Never to be retrieved


Curse this black inspiration

Curse the beginning of the end

Suffering but no longer silent

I find myself pacing the halls of punishment

Every echoing footstep

A reminder of my apparent failure

And yet somehow

It is still better than the terrible silence that once was


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