A poem entitled The Battle for Vision

The Battle for Vision

There is a war

Ironically described as civil

Being fought between our hearts and minds

The ammunition is emotion

But it is logic that allows the bullets to fly

And we remain blinded by

This fog of war that has descended upon the battle lines

It’s color is made from the shades

Of the dull black of uncertainty

And the bright white of eternity

Merging into a soft grey blindfold of apathy

That covers our eyes

There are few things as sightless as humankind

For even with our eyes wide

We only tend to see

Those we have chosen as enemies

Our contradicting thoughts cry havoc and play games

With actions that deceive

And lead us to forget our names

Until they are replaced

By shame, disgrace, and disgust

And we are left in a place

Where the only course that is safe

Is to place our lives in the hands of mistrust

When people so often tell the secrets and keep the lies

The idea that the little deaths come

From sharpened tongues

Is hard to deny

We fight fire with fire

And everything burns down

Until the moment that we figure out

That with chaos in our embrace

We are able to choose and replace

These tactics of destruction and control

With the very things that have created our souls

The freedom and free will

The release of the fear of the unknown

And above all else

The knowledge that none of us is ever truly alone

Whether within yourself or world wide

If you want the key to peace

Open your eyes and you will find

That it lies in empathy


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