A poem entitled Farewell



A million seconds

A single moment

Graceful black eyes

That have become dark, murky pools

I gazed at you

And I knew no bounds

You changed your image

Ignoring the despair in my eyes


You have become frozen

Neither tortured nor desperate

You have become transparent

Wraith like in your superficial world

You have lost your shadow

Its delusions on your lips

And emptiness on your mind

Do you dare sleep beside the traitor you have become?

Give me a reason

Do not let me forget what it was to love you

Sacrifice yourself respect

On the altar of acceptance

Burn incense to mask the scent of your treachery

Give into mass request

And when dreams of midnight past

Disappear behind your eyes

Will you mourn?

Do not shed a tear for me

Instead let your lamentations fall on your own deaf ears

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