A poem entitled The Consequence of Dreams


The Consequence of Dreams


This night moves so slowly

As I am begging for the betraying dawn

The night may stalk me

A knife to twist within its hand

But the dawn betrays me

Highlighting every flaw

So I hope for twilight

How I love the dim

I am early and I am waiting

Nervous and denying

I find myself in a place

That makes sense

Only when the hour is a color

The color of nothing

Sleep is such a miracle

A cool oasis of relief

But with it comes the danger

The consequence of dreams

I slumber for only moments

Awakened by the movement of time

And as it ticks within my head

I remember that these are moments of my life

Moments irretrievable

Moments that I waste

Thinking in circles

Pacing in place

But peace is labeled impossible

Comfort is long gone

And not a difference they would make

If the fell upon me now

They would only be ignored

Unnoticed, unobserved

And I would think

I would wonder

I would question

And I would dodge and avoid

A certain conclusion

Wishing that it had never become an option


2 comments on “A poem entitled The Consequence of Dreams

  1. I found this quite gripping

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much, I am kind of obsessed with sleeping and dreaming. I appreciate your comment very much.


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