A poem entitled Love is a Mental Illness

Love is a Mental Illness

It started out with mutual hatred

Misconceptions that lead to harsh words and avoidance

Years passed

And our understanding was that

It would last forever

The times our friends forced it

Was the only time that we ever spent together

Then something clicked and we began to speak

The meeting of our eyes sent chills through me

Even though you remained oblivious

Trapped in the clutches of insignificant others

Our shackles were affection that smothered

And passive aggressive manipulative tools

That kept you from me and me from you

Then we became royalty

Prince and Princess of Darkness

Suicide pacts were made

We just needed a wagon and the perfect day

But a freezing night

It lead to a first kiss

And windows covered in sleet

That moment changed me

Years later and I still kind of hate you

Even though no one else can make me laugh like you do

Sometimes love talks too much

Sometimes love doesn’t pay attention

And dare I mention

That there is no fight

Like the battle that descends like madness

Between two people unwilling to give in

Unwilling to give up

Sometimes I love you so much

I could smother you in your sleep

Sometimes love is unconcerned

That your mind is screaming

And your heart is burned

Only to be the salve

That you so desperately needed

And sometimes love is selfish

And you feel like you are alone

I am still working on the remedy

But just know that I see

And I adore you silently

So let’s live like college students

For no children will come

We will mock each other

And yell at the top of our lungs

When we are not even fighting

We will make mistakes

That we will regret

And the best of those haven’t happened yet

We will fail

We will forgive

Frustration is a given

Pain is how we know that we live

And that is what love is


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