A poem entitled Have Fun!

Have Fun!

In lots of different and strange situations

Where the phrase would not often be used

I say to my friends

Have fun!

In fact I do it so much

That I have found myself doing it at times

That even I found inappropriate

My brother says to me:

I have to go get chemotherapy now.

My response:

Have fun!

They laugh because they think I am being weird and sarcastic

I laugh too

Because I know I am not

I was raised to believe

Well, to be fair I was raised to believe a lot of things

Most of them were quickly left beside the road

Like the rubbish that they were

But one of the few that I kept with me

Was that

Anything, anything at all

Can be a game

Is your friend’s intervention heartbreaking?

I bet it is funnier if you show up drunk

Is church getting you down because they say that you are going to hell?

Wander around looking and then claim to find Jesus

Only to begin weeping loudly when they explain

That that is only a painting

Jealous of your friend who is getting married?

Show up before she does to the wedding

And insist that she asked you to take her place

At the alter

Are you going to the hell on Earth that is the DMV?

Set an entire day aside

Give yourself points every time you get into the wrong line

Or behave badly and get sent to the back

High five people around you every time you get points

The next morning give your point card to another person

Dare them to beat your high score

Depressed that you have to go to a friend’s funeral?

Honor them by dressing as the grim reaper

Stand there silently

Do not respond when asked to leave

At the very least

When you accidentally do something stupid

Do not say “oops”

Yell “Yay!”

That way you will feel like you planned it

And that you have now accomplished something

I could interject a lot of philosophy here

About living life to its fullest

Making every moment shine because we do not know how many we have left

But before I started to write this

I thought to myself

Have fun!

So instead I am going to think about you

Because as irreverent as my suggestions are

They will make you laugh

The way that you always make me laugh too

And I appreciate that

Poetry at its best is used to create


Today I will make many people shake their heads

But I will make you smile

What a wonderful creation

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