A poem entitled Imagination Keepers

Imagination Keepers

The problem with being ridiculous

Is that no one listens

They think your foolishness

Has no wisdom

And they groan at every pun

They act as if you’ve lost your mind

When you are only having fun

They say you are childish and to act your age

But we are the best pieces in the game

The ones that will not let innocence die

The ones who tell the truth in every lie

The ones who truly know how to play

We are alive every day

And it is never mundane

We are enthusiastic to the point of lunacy

Whatever we do, we do completely

Or sometimes we don’t finish

Glory in contradiction

God forbid if bored and alone we are left

Then we just become dangerous

But if you are crying we will make you smile

You will forget your problems for a while

We are not good at mediocre

But at the amazing we excel

We will pull off the most unlikely victory

And we will do it well

Life is tragic

But we find a way to laugh about it

We are children

And children are brilliant

Why take things so seriously

When the world is already bleak

We refuse

To obey the rules

We don’t even know what they are

And in our eyes are always stars

Then you act amazed when we outsmart you

You act shocked like it could not possibly be true

But nothing is impossible to us

See what I did there?

And to be fair

Is it my fault for being so silly?

Or is it yours for underestimating me?

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