A Poem entitled The Road

The Road

I am running towards the storm

The sky is shredded and torn

I don’t know what I am looking for

Only that I can no longer ignore

That I am searching for

Something, anything

And I can hear the lightning sing

And the thunder scream

The hail falls and the rain streams

Like flashbacks and memories

This storm is like my psyche

So I look for the faith and the belief

The heart that indulges them secretly

The only vulnerability

That I don’t wear on my sleeve

I seek unity

And say that it means nothing to me

In fact I will state that it is fantasy

A fantasy that can break my heart until it bleeds

The sky is darkening and it is hard to see

It feels like I am getting in too deep

But it always feels that way

When I really ask for what I need

But the truth is that it takes strength to break

To do the foolish things and make the big mistakes

There is power in insanity

Because the guard outside the door

Is reality

And there goes gravity

Just as I am reaching for the key

But this storm

And this locked door

Won’t stop me from being free

The path of least resistance

Is the road to hell

So wish me well

I’ll come back with a story to tell

A soul willing to connect

And a debt for which I will be coming to collect

Until then you can find me searching blindly

In the eye of the storm standing defiantly


2 comments on “A Poem entitled The Road

  1. writingluckmore says:

    a great piece of art

    Liked by 1 person

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