Your endearing eyes finally fill

With that specific happiness

Even if there is the mistrust of heartbreak

Lurking like a thief.

You leave me disarmed.

So what am I to do?

With all these weapons

I have so carefully collected?

Somehow I have won this war

But there was no last epic battle.

My victory came in whispers.

Gently subtle and misheard at first.

Shall I turn these weapons

Upon my own dark shadows

And present you with their corpses?

Will I shine

With that light in my eyes

And a forgotten smile on my lips?

Shall I never again

Frighten you with unconsciousness?

Can I hold you?

Can I be held?

And drown so deeply

Within your embrace?

Shall I watch your eyes

In ecstasy

And believe that it is not fleeting?

May I taste these words?

All in.

A concept that

My soul has begged for.

Silently screaming

And scraping its knees

For this longing.

So now I stand,

The offering before me.

So utterly welcome.

So very terrifying.

But there has

Never been a time

When I would not jump

For you.

Even when

It left me broken and bleeding.

So now I close my eyes

And leap,

Hoping that I fall into

Your open arms.

And yet this comes

With such strange timing.

For I am deeply distracted.

Loving you has been so practiced

That it is like breathing.

It remains

Even when I am buried

By these chaotic obsessions.

It is a constant.

A belief I never lost my faith in.

Oh my angel,

I’ve never given up on you.

And do you know

That I can listen

To love songs again?

I sleep only because

You are my safety.

You are the warmth

That spreads through

My frozen chest.

Of all the things

I fought so hard for

You are truly worth it.

I will whisper now.

Absolutely willing

But cautious with my heart.

My love

Your touch is

Still my greatest pleasure.

Your eyes

Still reflect my dreams.

Your kiss

Is still a promise.

I am all in

Only one.

Take my unspoken words

And never doubt my devotion.


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