Damaged Inc.

Damaged Inc.

The cards we were dealt in life were all jokers

But they had sharp teeth

And became the shades that haunted our sleep

And left us starving with only emptiness to eat

So we swallowed it whole

And rarely let it show when it made us weak

They gave us gifts

Secrets to keep

And it was too late before we knew

Emotion nearly lead me to death

Anger almost destroyed you

Add to that the glory of genetics

We were suffering

We were sick

Then self-loathing prances in

Lying through the teeth of a sadistic grin

It laughed as we struggled with every test

Schadenfreude at its best

It constantly whispered “worthless”

Sometimes we were foolish enough to believe

Sometimes we were wise enough to continue to dream

But the thing that really kept us alive

Was the mind and the heart of a child of five

We never grew up

We always believed

For us nothing was fantasy

In the dark

Shadow puppets were made

And whimsy was always willing to play

So you took the poison

Both intangible and real

Somehow you managed to heal

I accepted my emotion

For what it was

I used that power

Now look what it does

What is our power was once our curse

Who is laughing now?

You self-loathing clowns

They say the best revenge is success

And we are superheroes both paper and flesh

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