The Tragedy

The Tragedy

Feathers, soft, touch my face

Angels wings.

Trees with silver leaves

willows that never weep

I take flight

Into the sunrise

Or is it the sunset?

Time has no kingdom here

The mechanisms that keep it’s pace

are distorted and melting

thier ticking meaningless

My heartbeat ceaseless

It’s as if the universe is speaking

It whispers cryptically

It echoes stunningly

Such breathless inspiration

Such desperate ecstacy

That I wish to never breathe again

I dive through this reality

Through eons, ideas, memories

Falling ever faster past the boundaries

There is no fear of my body shattering

Only the uneasy thought of enevitable landing

The most intangible golden light fills my being

It is so beautiful as to be inconceivable

Then in a moment of unfortunate clarity

I realize I am dreaming

In this melancholy moment I know I cannot stay

The tragedy is in the waking

But if this is what dreams may come

Whatever has brought me here

I beg to be brought back eternally

One comment on “The Tragedy

  1. Cindy Catron! says:

    First poem I ever read of yours…still love it and the “willows that do not weep.”

    Liked by 1 person

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