Oxygen reaches in with it’s ghostly hands
To touch the soft vulnerability inside
Chalk scrawled across the board
I will not lie. I will not lie.
Sadistic snickers echo in
The classroom of my head
Where the teachers are all lessons
And the students bold and undead
Taunting, cruel by association
The burden of bursting, lightning strike creation
Electricity ignites a fire
That freezes time
With flames that dance and glow
With the colors of rhythm and rhyme
Beneath a blackened sky
Where no stars exist
Replaced and disgraced
by exceptional nothingness
A keen edge slices
At weakness
Where sweet pink visions
Expose hidden innocence
Only to be decimated
By razor reality
There is a time when every blank page
fades from fantasy
Then criticism or rejection
Is an extinguished night light
And precious solitude
Is stricken from insight
Replaced by the recitation
Of plastic satisfaction
Given a new theme of devotion
Inspired by the promise of appreciation
And shoved into the harsh bright lights


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