Cold air and breath like mist
Like a broken compass, directionless
Endless questions that will not be dismissed
I consider my freezing hands and ponder my wrists
I displace time and space, in a paradox I exist
Like Schrodinger’s cat both dead and alive
If you dare to look inside
The box is not locked
But the danger is implied
Because reality is simply
The truth you choose not to deny
Don’t think for a second you can trust your eyes
When the mute can’t keep secrets
And the blind lead the blind
Perception is our only guide
In the endless universe of our minds
And that at best is fallacy
We are lost amongst the galaxies
In a single thought there is endless potential
In a single moment chaos can become exponential
Like sparks of inspiration that fall in a glowing shower
In a second, there is power
The most important word in the English language is why
It’s the question you ask when you cast the die
And take the chance that the answer is a lie
Or open a door to see where it leads
To destruction, creation, satisfaction or need
It’s the path that is nothing but possibility
In its complication there is beauty simplistic and sheer
In these hands I hold it here
Knowing full well it could disappear
And these haunting thoughts are far from clear
But the intangible and fleeting taste so sweet
When the answer remains so incomplete
And there is victory even in defeat

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