There is No Never in My Mind

There is No Never in my Mind

There is no never in my mind.
I have not known death
Though it knows me.
I am the grace of survival
Embodied in extremes
I am simple complexity

I know nothing of the future
Doomed as I am to feel the past
I have never understood the black and white
Only the shades of grey
Of the iconoclast
I thought I knew my world
I thought I had known every reality
But your existance leaves me searching
For the things I know
The abandonment
The fallacy

You are an enigma
Living, breathing
A secret of infinite telling
A lovers tryst of endless meeting

With no concept of your beauty
With no concept of my awe
You embody honest imperfection
Reveling in each and every flaw

You are my patient keeper
Something wonderfully unknown
You gave me what I thought only an idea
You are my truth
My definition
My home

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3 comments on “There is No Never in My Mind

  1. wymry says:

    Another great poem. I see where you got your name from too. My favorite line – “I am simple complexity.” I love it for its extremes, its opposition and yet I know exactly what you are saying. I don’t tend to like love poems but I really enjoy this one.

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