Sometimes the world makes me a liar

Sometimes it’s my choice

Because honesty is like fire

It burn bridges, and friendships and even myself

But I am willing to burn

If it means freedom from having to be someone else


Has always been tricky for me

With a foundation shaky

And no one to guide me

But I am not looking for pity

Only trying to figure this out

Where I belong

And how to leave the doubt

In the past

How to stop believing

The die has been cast

The cards have been dealt

And my future is written in stone

But stone shatters and turns to dust

And time will kill or heal the best of us

So with these words I solemnly vow

I’ll most likely break it later but I am saying it now

That frightened child that lives inside of me

Will probably never be gone

But I think it’s time to stop listening to her

From this moment on

The voice I need and beg to hear

Is my own

So I will carve those words on my consciousness

Because it is more powerful than stone

And I will realize that

It is only the past

That plays behind my eyes

That makes me feel so alone

A change of heart

And on a whim no less

Has given me courage to try to express

I am still fighting

I’m still not dying

And no one and nothing

Can stop me from trying

To let the world see every side that I know

From melancholy merchant to poetic superhero

From flights of fancy to depths of despair

I promise these words and my heart will always be there

Even if the voices whisper that I am far too scared

Even if in the moment I am hardly prepared

All I can really do is dare

To be who I am

And let the world judge me

And see me through their eyes

And I have no choice but to see it through mine

So let the honesty burn and the smoke rise

It’s better to be misunderstood

Than to live with the lies


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