Letter to a Brother

Letter to a Brother


Today I see the world the way that you have always seen it

Black and white

I am frightened because I am still a shade of grey

Black and white

Defined edges

Perfect logic that shocks my eyes

And becomes contrasted disbelief

Sharp images

That my heart can only feel as nonsense

They hand me a percentage

A perfect math statistic

And I am shaking


I no longer have your strength to draw from

We must be your strength now

I am thrown into the shadow of my own self-centered doubt

There were shadows I lived in so contentedly

The shadow that you cast so gently

So assured

You gathered all of us to you

We struggled with no real desire to break free

And you stood as you always had

A symbol of the home we were never given

As solid and strange as stone henge

An icon

A belief

Far beyond human

You were mind over matter

You were explanation extended far beyond the truth

We so lost

We so confused

So illogical and abstract

We are the pieces and you the puzzle

I have no response that seems adequate

No reaction that seems worthy

You ask too much of us in your vulnerability

For we have no choice but to believe in you

You hold our wishes now the way you once held our dreams

We speak in whispers for you now

Voices never quiet before

You are the center of our thoughts

The way were once the center of yours

We cannot compare to you though we try

Perhaps in the simplicity of our numbers

We can compare to what you did alone

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