I’ve Got Your Back

At the tender age of seven I started to write about the pain

The words flowed from my pen and onto the page

And in that moment, that single moment I realized who I was

And who I was to become

Words got thrown around like “genius” and “prodigy”

But they never mattered much to me

The words I remember the most are loser and freak

I wear them proudly

Who wants to blend in and conform with this broken society?

So my rebellion grew more and more

I’m a nightmare with a metaphor

Because too many kids are terrified of what they feel

Too many monsters turned out to be real

And my past is a specter that drains my life

Always waiting for the moment to twist the knife

But for once this isn’t about me

This is about every kid who feels more than ready

To tie that rope into a noose

Or in rage of violence to just let loose

It is for the kids that suffer in silence the way that I did

I know how you feel kid

It’s for everyone that the world tells that they are wrong

They are abominations for not following along

They underestimate us

They deny our power

And soon will come the hour

When we will rule the universe

Through art, and song, and verse

We are the artists

The outcasts who have shunned you

Before you had a chance to shun us

And you will regret it

In that you can trust

I make beauty even in my darkest rhymes

I have comfort even in my darkest times

And even if I never make a penny

Art is not a hobby

These words are me

So find your words or your paint or you song

And suddenly that need to give up will be gone

I’ve got your back

Everyone who knows how it is

I’ve got your back

And I am not ready to give in


7 comments on “I’ve Got Your Back

  1. Kelli Lewis says:

    I love this poem. Its very inspirational. I have a lot of lines that I like because of the beauty in their message –
    “I’m a nightmare with a metaphor”
    “I make beauty even in my darkest rhymes
    I have comfort even in my darkest times”
    And the last seven lines are perfect. They are inspiring and uplifting. A great message for all to read. Well done Kira Burton. You are a sublime poet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy Catron! says:

    Love this!


  3. Anonymous says:

    What can be more uplifting than to take a personal tragedy and turn it into help for others…this is so giving. A noble endeavor.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t mean for that to be anonymous…just not familiar with this site yet. Gwen Burson at gwen@burson.org.

    Liked by 1 person

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