I can play coy

Believe me

I can play cute

It’s easy

I can play the victim

My teacher was a master

I can wear almost any mask

Be it flesh or plaster

But every mask I wear

Will eventually crack and break

They are too fragile

To take

The identity

That I can’t seem to escape

I’m a Gunslinger

Shooting from the hip

My weapons

Are the words escaping my lips

Be afraid if my keen eyes

Focus on you

I’ll shoot you through the heart

Kill you with the truth

What can I say?

I never asked for this ability

I have learned to bite this vile tongue

But it doesn’t come easily

For a Gunslinger can hide

But never really blend in

Because they are always waiting to get you

Before you get them

So be a friend

Or be a foe

But if you’re smart

You’ll know

There is a weapon at my side

And you will die a million deaths

And all the effort that it takes

Is for me to draw a breath


3 comments on “Gunslinger

  1. wymry says:

    Love this poem. This is what makes me see you as a word assassin with a pen at your hip and words on your lips ready to shoot us all down. Love your poems. Whatever words you shoot our way are words we need to hear. This is one of my all time favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

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