Dog’s Eye View

Dog’s Eye View


Look in my eyes

Every time

You will see that I love you

I see your footsteps

As a path for me to follow

When you cry I will be there

To make you forget your tears

And when you smile

I will reflect it back

A moment of attention

Brings me endless joy

A moment of your affection

Leads to my everlasting admiration

I care not about your regrets

I care not that you have been wrong

You are always right to me

Let me help you remember

That there is peace

Let me show you the bliss

That is balance

I am your constant companion

Who waits for you when you are gone

And rejoices at your return

Time has no meaning for me

Except that I know

I want to be with you forever

Look in my eyes

You are forgiven

You are worthy

You are trusted

You are loved



3 comments on “Dog’s Eye View

  1. Cindy Catron! says:

    Dog’s Eye View…best poem EVER!


  2. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t just a good poem to me. It’s the embodiment of my feelings and what I perceive to be my dog’s feelings. It is incredibly beautiful and makes me catch my breath every time I read it. It’s soft, sweet, touching and true.

    Liked by 1 person

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